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Judges to be given discretion in reduction of sentences for heavy crimes penalized by only death sentence


【Kuala Lumpur=Malaysia BIZ Navi】 The federal government has decided in giving judges the discretion in reducing sentences in 11 extenuating circumstances such as act of terrorism, for which the penalty is only death sentence. Explained by Wan Junaidi, minister in the prime minister's office (legal affairs). It was approved by the cabinet on the 8th day.  

Death penalty is applicable to crimes such as acts of violence against the king and sultan, terrorism, smuggling of illegal drugs, etc.  Minister Wan Junaidi declined to discuss the details of when implementation would take place, stating that there are various areas needing refining, including legal revisions, in realizing the plan. On the other hand, Minister Ismail Subari Yacoob clarified that this only gives judges the discretion in reduction of penalty and death sentencing, and is not an abolishment of the entire dealth penalty system. 

The Malaysian Bar Association expressed approval of the policy of allowing discretion in sentencing for crimes for which the only penalty is the death penalty, but criticized the fact that the implementation schedule was not disclosed. The release of schedule is required for neccesary legal changes to be made. 
The Malaysian government has voted in favor of a resolution against the death penalty at the United Nations in 2020, and the bar association and human rights groups are calling on the government in developing domestic laws to abolish the death penalty, but there are also persistent voices in the country calling for the death penalty to remain in place. 

As of last November, there were still 1,359 death row inmates in Malaysia with pending sentences, and it is unclear whether the death sentences will be executed.

Info Source:Asia Infonet


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