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MISUMI boasts an overwhelming number of products.
The VONA business supports local manufacturing with its product lineup and quick delivery.


About our business

Since its establishment in 1963, MISUMI has been a trading company, but in 2005 we acquired SURUGA SEIKI, a manufacturer, and are now engaged in two businesses: manufacturing and distribution. In 2005, we acquired SURUGA SEIKI, a manufacturer, and are now engaged in two businesses: manufacturing and distribution. In the former, we manufacture factory automation (FA) related parts and die components in-house. The latter is the VONA business, which sells products for the manufacturing industry, both under its own brand and under the brands of other companies, through EC (Electronic Commerce) sites. We handle about 7 million items and about 2,000 brands, ranging from FA-related parts to tools and office furniture. Of these, about 50,000 items are available for same-day shipment for orders placed by 3:00 p.m. on the previous day. Currently, about 40% of our products are our own, about 40% are OEM products, and about 20% are other companies' brands, and we hope to increase the number of other companies' brands in the future.

What is the VONA business, also known as the B-to-B version of Amazon?

The VONA business is supported by MISUMI's global e-commerce platform. Customers can search for products, get quotations, place orders, and make payments all through the EC site. In order to provide a wide variety of product information to customers efficiently, we have introduced the latest IT technology to create a system that allows customers to search for products by keywords, model numbers, categories, and various other criteria.

Of course, problems that are difficult to solve by the system are handled by people. For example, if the product a customer is looking for on the EC site does not show up in the search results, the system will recognize the situation and a person will call to provide support. This information, as well as the number of inquiries, requests for quotations, orders, etc., is visualized on the internal "visualization board" so that everything can be checked at a glance, and a system is in place to support customers promptly.

Company Name
8th Floor Menara Amcorp No.18, Jalan Persiaran Barat 46050 PJ, Selangor
TEL:03-7960-8499 FAX: 03-7960-7499
  • Mechanical Standard Components for Factory Automation
  • Standard parts for press molds and plastic molds
  • Electronics parts, production tools, MRO (fixtures, consumables)

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