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Travel outlook to recover from 2022 onwards. Download an edition of "Travel trends & outlook to Japan after Covid-19"

Travel trends & outlook to Japan after Covid-19

TK International conducted a simple web survey on "Travel trends & outlook to Japan after Covid-19".(Period:From May 1 ~ 21)、received responses:103)。

The number of respondents wishing to travel to Japan were similar to that of those wishing to travel domestically after Covid-19.
76.7% of local respondents viewed that traveling this year would be risky while 3.9 had opinions that travel within 2021 would be possible. Factors that would influence decisions to travel would be number of positive cases, vaccination status, and immigration restrictions.

What are the key indicators in considering travel plans to Japan
・ 82,5% said reduction in positive cases in both Japan and Malaysia
・ 79.6% said completion of vaccination
・ 68.9% said lifting of quarantine measures in Japan and Malaysia

Since the easing in tourist visa requirments in 2013, the number of Malaysian visitors in Japan have increased year on year. (Source: Japan National Tourism Organization, Number of Visitors by Nationality/Month) However, resumption of travel is predicted to resume after 2022.

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Travel outlook to recover from 2022 onwards. Download an edition of




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