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Malaysia's logistic & transportation policy: National Transportation Policy (NTP) 2019-2030 download

Malaysia is widely recognized for its stable economic growth in Southeast Asia, with the national goal of becoming a developed nation. However, there are always changes in the global scene, therefore, the Malaysian government is reviewing and announcing its strategy in adjusting to such changes.
The traffic and transportation sector is an engine powering Malaysia’s economic growth. Therefore, availability of well-planned out transportation system and logistic infrastructure is vital for the country’s desire of becoming a developed nation.

The government’s main goal is in providing reliable, safe, affordable, and sustainable transportation services.
This commitment is laid out in MALAYSIA NATIONAL TRANSPORT POLICY (NTP) 2019-2030 which was designed to strengthen economic competitiveness, inclusivity with respect to accessibility and impact on society, and in strategy development with regards to reduction of negative impact on the environment from transportation systems as well.

The NTP 2019-2030 provides a comprehensive set of policies to guide relevant federal departments and agencies, state, and local governments (PBTs) in effectively and efficiently using resources available in developing and streamlining transportation efforts towards a common goal.

For the private sector, this policy facilitates seamless movement of goods and passengers, reducing the cost of businesses with the development of an ecosystem. The Malaysian government is also considering increasing the capacity and external responsiveness of transportation operators so that they can compete regionally and globally.

A developed nation is not only economically strong but is a nation that makes a difference in its people’s lives by providing accessible, convenient, and affordable transportation services. With that direction in mind, the NTP 2019-2030 sets forth strategies in achieving an intelligent, connected, convenient and safe public transportation system that meets the needs of its citizens.

The NTP 2019-2030 also focuses on the model shift of private vehicles to public transportation, taking advantage of the advancement in technologies and in welcoming the upcoming 4th Industrial Revolution (IR 4.0). This shift also takes into consideration those with disabilities and people living in rural areas with limited access.
Through concise strategy planning, smart collaboration, and commitment on all sides, the NTP 2019-2030 was designed so that Malaysia can provide sustainable transportation system in promoting economic growth and support the well-being of its’ people. Please have a look.
Malaysia's logistic & transportation policy: National Transportation Policy (NTP) 2019-2030 download




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