Japanese company list in Malaysia

Japanese company in Malaysia

The CONNECTOIN site was established for the purpose of promoting the economic development of Japan and Malaysia through trade, commerce, industry and investment activities, etc. while promoting mutual friendship among members of Japanese companies. CONNECTION site provides a contact point with Japanese companies in Malaysia.

The CONNECTION site publish market research, industrial analysis, interviews for Japanese companies in Malaysia, and share the latest Malaysia business information widely.
CONNECTOIN advisors support the development of sales channels and the establishment of bases, and also support business expansion for Japanese companies in Malaysia markets.
Japanese companies have a good relationship with Malaysian industry and have cooperated with each other for many years to contribute to the creation of a better society in Malaysia.

Overview of Japan-Malaysia Relationship

TK International Sdn Bhd is a IT service provider based in Kuala Lumpur and we are contributing to Malaysia through digital transformation together with Japanese companies.

Japanese Consulting Company in Malaysia

Japanese IT Company in Malaysia

Japanese Banking Securities Insurance leasing Company in Malaysia

Japanese Construction Company in Malaysia

Japanese Manufacturing textile paper pulp Company in Malaysia

Japanese RealEstate Consulting Company in Malaysia

Japanese Advertising Company in Malaysia

Japanese Trade Company in Malaysia

Japanese Retail Company in Malaysia

Japanese Recruiting agency Company in Malaysia

Japanese Manufacturing Electronics Electricity Company in Malaysia

Service Company in Malaysia

Manufacturing transportation equipment Company in Malaysia

Manufacturing timber building-materials ceramics steel Company in Malaysia

Manufacturing precision equipment manufacturing Company in Japan

Manufacturing non-ferrous metals metal Products Company in Japan

Manufacturing Food Company in Japan

Manufacturing Chemistry Company in Japan

Manufacturing Chemistry Company in Japan

Manufacturing Chemistry Company in Malaysia


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